Sequencing Runs

When VariantGrid has access to a network drive (eg a diagnostic lab intranet) it can scan disks for sequencing runs to collect QC metrics, gene coverage and automatically load VCFs.

../_images/sequencing_samples.pngSequencing Samples over time

../_images/sequencing_runs.pngAutomatically loaded sequencing runs + VCFs

../_images/sequencing_run_qc.pngA Sequencing Run

We collect Sequencing QC metrics and display them with interactive graphs. Collecting data over time allows us to see how this run compares to other runs over time (or vs gold standard runs).

Gold Standard Runs

The administrator can mark a sequencing run as “Gold Standard” - which means it has passed validation / is of sufficient quality to be used as a benchmark for other runs.

Gold standard runs have an icon (../_images/gold-medal.png) on the sequencing run grid.

Gold runs for an enrichment kit are used:

Finding sequencing data

Sequencing Runs are found by searching for the file ‘RTAComplete.txt’ on the server disks. You can ignore flow cells by putting a file “.variantgrid_skip_flowcell” in the directory.